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ProjectConnect provides project developers and their engineers with their own unique categorised electronic library of suppliers.
ProjectConnect is an innovative and easy to use tool to communicate supply opportunities to industry.
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Every week Australian projects, worth billions of dollars, and thousands of suppliers benefit from using ProjectConnect.

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Wedge Consulting International's Purpose is to Positively and Fundamentally Change Peoples Mindsets Both Personally and Professionally.

This is done by identification of their true needs and applying the correct program to achieve the desired results. Wedge Consulting offers a variety of services such as Strategy, Planning, Executive and Business Coaching through one on one and/or group programs and workshops.

Systemising a Business is a Waste of Time

Systemising your business is a waste of time and systems do not add any value to your business. Lately I have been seeing a trend on some social media sites, where people (and some well-known people) have been advocating that systems and procedures really have no place in business and can stifle the development of a business.

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The Mental Challenge

Your mind is one of the most amazing machines in the world, even more amazing than the latest technology. It can be uncontrollable at times and play many games, especially when you are under stress, or at times when things are not what they appear. You need to be ready for the unexpected and don’t ever say it won’t or can’t happen.

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3 Key Financial Pillars Of Business

No matter how much we think we are unique, we are more alike than we realise. It goes without saying that Financial Success is the cornerstone of any business, no matter what size or industry.

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Growing Through an Alliance

An Alliance is a group of like-minded individual/companies who understand that by joining forces they have more opportunities to undertake work that alternatively they could not get access to on an individual basis.

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5 Pillars for Business Alignment?

What does it take to build an organisation that has a commitment to a Culture that will ensure it achieves its full potential?

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Are You Entitled To Be Successful?

What is the difference between those who are successful and those who continue to chase success?

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Building A Team To Build Your Business

Business Owners and Leaders have a constant challenge when it comes to employing people and building a team that in the owners/leaders mind is the right team.

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Marketing Your Way to Success

It is no longer enough to rely on your past reputation or the previously booming economy to continually grow your business. Each and every business needs to be looking at the way they market themselves and actually actively market their business.

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10 Key Basics for Engaging Individuals

It is critical to any business that their people are as engaged as they can be, because engaged people are not only more productive but more importantly surveys have consistently shown that engaged employees are less likely to leave.

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Avoidance of Accountability

How can we as Business Owners and Leaders hold our team accountable when a lot of us can’t even hold ourselves accountable?

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Clarity and Focus

These are two of the most powerful words in determining the success of a business; unfortunately for majority of businesses these words do not exist. Why are they so powerful?

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In Times of Uncertainty Take Action

We live in a complex world and in the last four years a world of uncertainty that is impacting on the decisions we make in business. Australia and in particular Western Australia has weather the downturn in the market better than most other parts of the world, but there are still sections of the market that are struggling.

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7 Core Success Factors for any Business

The success of a business is dependent on several factors, some are governed by external influences, however many are based on internal factors. Optimising several important aspects within your business will improve its sustainability and success. The LIVPACS® concept is the cornerstone of internal analysis that all businesses should concentrate on.

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Inclusion of Team and Self

If your business is having difficulty retaining employees and attracting employees, you need to look at your culture around inclusion of the team and put mechanisms in place to start building a culture of inclusion, built around clear and relevant strategies, business plans and brand culture that also address the greatest asset any business has “IT’S PEOPLE”.

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Leadership Mindset

The first key thing you need to know to be a successful leader is the correct mindset you must have and that you instil in your team will set you up for success.

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